Saison Voisin 1/3

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Saison Voisin, a beer of tradition

On the occasion of the Ducasse Saint-Christophe at Flobecq 21st July 2001), la Brasserie des Géants brought out its second product, Saison Voisin.

This beer which was brewed according to the original 1884 recipe (see history) and under the guidance of retired brewer Mr Léon Voisin, brasseur retraité, is amber coloured and has a strength of 5% abv.

Refreshing, with a light touch of bitternes and fruitiness, Saison Voisin is produced by top fermentation. It is unfiltered and is refermented in bottle.

Saison Voisin was nominated for the Coq de Cristal award at Libramont in July 2002.