Ter Dolen Blond 33 cl

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Ter Dolen Blond

It’s the first Limburg abbey beer and also the first beer brewed by Castle Brewery De Dool.

It’s a velvety, unique pale abbey beer with a full mouth-feel. This is a slightly bitter and fruity top- fermentation beer with an alcoholic volume of 6.1 %, elaborated according to the German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) with two different kinds of malt and two noble sorts of  hops. This incomparable blonde gets a full and smooth taste after our brewing and fermentation  process.

Like all other Ter Dolen beers, Ter Dolen Blond is produced with natural ingredients.

Ter Dolen Blond has a bitterness up to 30 % of an average lager beer.

A lot of people have discovered the Ter Dolen beer on our beautiful terrace next to the brewery where locals and tourists can taste our Ter Dolen beer on draught. It’s  a real thirst-quenching beer. As a real abbey beer requires, Ter Dolen Blond also has a second fermentation in the bottle