Ter Dolen Triple 33 cl

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Ter Dolen Tripel

It’s a  real full malty copper blonde triple of  8.1  %  alcohol by volume.

This beer  is brewed according to the German Reinheitsgebot of two types of malt and two types of hops, both  100%  Belgian.

Ter Dolen Tripel is the superlative of the typical Ter Dolen smoothness.This beer gets a rich mouth-feel by using only grain and no sugars during the brewing-process.At the first sip you can taste lots of soft tones, full of flavour with a lot of character without any real sweetness.The harder impressions, often observed  in tasting the grains are levelled nicely into a balanced whole by the Ter Dolen yeast.

Once the beer has passed the tongue the aftertaste appears.

This beer with its 30 BU bitterness is not a softy within the range of  Belgian triple beers.

Moreover, it’s a “fully hopped” beer.

During the brewing process only natural hop is used.  This can be discovered in the aftertaste. When this triple has passed the throat, a pleasant bitterness remains, making you long for the next  sip.