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Tumulus Amara (800) 33 cl

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Tumulus 800 is a lively blond beer. Like its big brother, Tumulus Magna, it is a full-malt beer brewed with 4 different malts of which wheat and barley malt. Tumulus 800 is hopped with noble hops and is fermented with an innovative yeast strain developed by the University of Leuven/VIB and selected especially for its outstanding aroma profile. Tumulus 800 is not filtered and referments in the bottle.
Taste & Aftertaste:  The nose is very rich with fruity aromas, while a fresh spicy bitterness dominates the taste. With a bitterness of 50 EBU it is one of the most bitter Belgian beers around, but the noble hops ensure a nice balance. The bitterness prolongs itself nicely in the aftertaste. The foam is very soft and delicate and lasts for quite a while.
Serving temperature:  Well chilled at 2-4 °C.
Serving tip:  As for all wheat beers it is recommended to “waltz” the bottom of the bottle so that all ingredients will be freed and you can fully enjoy the exquisite taste pallet of this beer. Tumulus 800 excels in its own glass, frozen if possible, especially on a hot summer day.