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Tumulus Magna 33 cl

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Tumulus Magna is a strong wheat beer inspired by the German “Weizen” wheat beers, but with that something extra. The use of 4 different malts results in a light amber colour and a natural cloudiness, since Tumulus Magna is not filtered. The hopping of this beer is done with the finest Hallertauer hop flowers. Tumulus Magna is a top fermented beer with refermentation in the bottle, enabling a favourable evolution of the taste pallet.
Taste & Aftertaste:  Starts soft as velvet with a pleasant and rich mouth feeling and a full creamy head. Ends with a hop bitter and long lasting aftertaste. Correctly stored (10-15 °C and dark), the taste evolves from malty to more fruity and spicy flavours.
Serving temperature:  Well chilled at 4-6 °C.
Serving tip:  As for all wheat beers it is recommended to “waltz” the bottom of the bottle so that all ingredients will be freed and you can fully enjoy the exquisite taste pallet of this beer. Tumulus Magna excels in its own glass.