Kessel 69 75cl. 6.9%

De Vlier
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Kessel 69 is an amber coloured beer of 6.9% ABV Cloudy with an adhesive white head.
It has a malty aftertaste and a pleasant bitterness. Taste evolution, unfiltered and unpasteurized.
This beer was brewed for the 40th anniversary of the association "Men of 1969". Leuven has a long held the peculiar tradition of forming groups around a certain year, always called "Men of ...". On the eve of their 40th birthday, men of Leuven unite on the base of a common birth year, regardless of religious, political or any other beliefs, creed or origin. From their 40th birthday on they are active for ten years, with congregations and participation in various activities wherein friendship and fun in life are the central value. After ten years, one passes to the "Abraham"-groups, to take it easy.