Tumulus Aura 33 cl

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The Tumulus Aura is the lighter brother of the Tumulus 800, for bitterness as well as for alcohol percentage. Therefore it is an ideal reception beer or an alternative for lager beer for those that seek additional value! The composition of the malts is similar and the hopping is done with the same noble hops for the Tumulus Aura as for the Tumulus 800. Also the fermentation of this beer is done with the same unique yeast strain, developed by the KU Leuven/VIB for De Kale Ridders, who selected it for the pleasant and fruity aromas it produces. After the high fermentation the Tumulus Aura is refermented in the bottle.
Taste & Aftertaste:  Fruity accents rule in smell and flavour, besides notes of wheat malt. Different fruit flavours can be distinguished, such as mango, banana, grapefruit, lychee, citrus, or something for everybody! In the aftertaste the soft bitterness of 35 EBU is clearly manifested. The Tumulus Aura has a full and delicate foam head.
Serving temperature:  Well chilled at ca. 2 - 4 °C.
Serving tip:  The Tumulus Aura is best served in a Tumulus glass. According to personal preference the deposit of yeast and wheat can or cannot be poured in the glass. On warm days, the Tumulus Aura becomes really refreshing when served in a glass straight out of the freezer.