Augustijn Grand Cru 33 cl

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Augustijn Grand Cru
Besides the classic Augustijn, there is also a Grand Cru version; the “tripel” you could say. Less famous, but according to beer lovers without a doubt one of the best and finest beers of Brewery Van Steenberge. This beer unites a remarkable drought with the fruity of a tripel and will hence seduce many beer lovers!
on the table
This beer is an all-rounder, ideal as appetizer but also delivers as digestive or with strong cheese (Brugse Blomme, Pavé de Hainaut, Bouquet des Moines…). An excellent companion for every fish dish and als delicious with a hearty bouillabaisse and one of the few beers that suits amazingly well with seafood!
In the glass
Colour : straw yellow with white foam head
Alcohol content : 9,0%
18,5° Plato Aroma : fruity and spicy hoppy
Taste : very full in

the mouth with touches of malt
After taste : dry and bitter
Packaging : bottles 33 cl, 75cl and barrels 30 l. Fermentation both in the bottle as in the barrel, ensures a preservability for years with evolution in taste.