Dormaal Donker 33 cl

Hof ten Dormaal
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Chestnut brown, delicious, light beer of high fermentation brewed with care and skill. This beer reflects the peace and quiet of our farm: the fields, the cattle and everyday life. You forget about time. The combination of a multitude of flavours and aromas make the tasting of the beer a discovery. A fresh aroma, a beautiful round frothy collar and a malty and fruity full flavour go together with a perfect balance of sweet and bitter. What else does a beer need?


Type: Belgian farm beer
Alcohol: 8,5 %
Serving temperature: 5-8 ÂșC
Volume bottle: 33 or 75 cl
Volume barrel: 20 or 30 l
Beer of high yeasting with reyeasting in the bottle.
Brewed from: water, yeast, barley malt, sugar, hops