Gouyasse 1/3 Tradition

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Gouyasse Tradition, a beer of flavours
Gouyasse Tradition, first brew from the Brasserie des Géants (August 2000), took several months to develop.

The wish of Master Brewer Pierre Delcoigne was to produce a beer rich in flavours but fairly light in alcohol, working only with the four raw materials (malt, hops, water, yeast), without any additives.

Aroma : freshness from the malt and hops evoking all that is natural.
Colour : beautiful light yellow giving the appearance of a filtetred beer if you only pour in the first ¾ of the bottle. Naturally it becomes cloudy with the sediment in the final quarter.
Taste : perfect balance of a dry but not overpowering bitterness and a maltiness which softens the hoppiness.
Head : the beer has a fine soft bubbly head.

Extract from the Vif-L'Express (Weekend, n°11, 2001),
author : Mr Christian Deglas