Gueuze 3/4 Vintage

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Vintage, the older, the deeper the flavor!


Beggars can not brew, but stabbing. The stabbing is to assemble Lambic beer from 3 different barrels and 3 different vintages. Year instead of two and three year old lambic are selected for their taste and character combined (= assembled). After bottling comes spontaneously secondary fermentation in the hallway and the flat Gueuze Lambic beer sparkling.

This entire process takes 3.5 years to complete soon! Vintage Old Gueuze Gueuze is, by Armand selected flavor character, which after maturation but not sold in the basement may remain resting. All these dormant gueuze even fuller and deeper flavor. The typical sour taste in young gueuze often prevails makes way for the finer, softer aromas that make a Vintage so popular.

All 3 Fountains Oude Geuze and Oude Kriek beers are completely natural, nothing added, nothing removed. You drink what nature gives, every year something else.

Therefore, the taste of a Vintage always a fascinating surprise